Swedish Language, Culture and Society 1A


Admission requirements

General entry requirements + English 6


Syllabus for students spring 2021

Course Code:
AK310E revision 1
Swedish name:
Svenska och svensk kultur och samhälle 1A
Level of specialisation
Main fields of study:
No main fields
Date of ratification:
17 March 2020
Decision-making body:
Faculty of Education and Society
Enforcement date:
26 August 2020

Entry requirements

General entry requirements + English 6


The aim of the course is to develop the student´s with elementary knowledge of and skills in the Swedish language as well as a basic introduction to Swedish society and culture.


The course builds a very simple vocabulary and the most basic grammatical parts for oral and written weekday communication and - production in Swedish. The course also contains reading of short, and very simple texts. Learning activities include both skills training and procurement of knowledge. In all parts, the Swedish everyday life /the student life stands in focus.
In addition to teaching in the Swedish language, the student is also introduced to Swedish society.

After finishing the course, the student will have a knowledge of Swedish that corresponds to about 50% of Level A1 on the Common European Framework of Reference scale (CEFR).

Learning outcomes

Upon completion of the course, the student:

  • can use a basic vocabulary of commonplace Swedish words and phrases;
  • can read and understand short texts in very simple Swedish;
  • can write short, very simple texts about themselves and their daily lives in Swedish;
  • can demonstrate mastery of the most basic grammatical constructions in Swedish;
  • can describe basic aspects of Swedish social and cultural life.

Learning activities

Learning activities are lectures, seminars, practical exercises (both individual and in groups), role-plays, dialogues and discussions. Other Learning activities are independent studies and writing. The student will practice practical language skills through web-based material, for example the Swedish Institute's beginner's course Learning Swedish.


Exam 1 (2001): Written Sit-in Exam, 4 credits. The exam examines learning outcomes 1-4.
Exam 2 (2002): Written Take-Home Exam, 1 credits. The exam examines learning outcome 5.

Grading system

Excellent (A), Very Good (B), Good (C), Satisfactory (D), Pass (E) or Fail (U).

Course literature and other teaching materials

Levy Scherrer, Paula & Karl Lindemalm. (Senaste upplagan). Rivstart A1 + A2. Svenska som främmande språk. Textbok. Stockholm: Natur & Kultur (240 s).
Levy Scherrer, Paula & Karl Lindemalm. (Senast upplagan). Rivstart A1 + A2. Svenska som främmande språk. Övningsbok. Stockholm: Natur & Kultur. (192 s).
The material for culture and social life will be distributed
by the teacher.
Additional material may be introduced by the teacher but no more than 100 pages.

Course evaluation

All students are given the opportunity to complete a written evaluation at the end of the course, and a summary of the results will be made available.

Students may also offer oral feedback during the course.


The education is provided by the Faculty of Education and Society at the Centre of Academic Learning.

Further information

Anita Marttila, Student Administrator
Phone: 040-6657345


01 February 2021 - 04 April 2021 Afternoons 33% Malmö Schedule