Application Development for Android


Syllabus for students autumn 2015, autumn 2014

Course Code:
DA401A revision 1.1
Level of specialisation
Main fields of study:
No main fields
Date of ratification:
28 March 2014
Decision-making body:
Faculty of Technology and Society
Enforcement date:
01 September 2014

Entry requirements

1. At least 45 credits in Computer Science, including 15 credits of Object Oriented Programming.
2. The equivalent of English B in Swedish secondary school.

Specialisation and progression relative to the degree regulations

Single subject course.


The purpose of the course is for the students to develop basic knowledge and skills in designing software for mobile phones and tablets. The purpose is also to develop an understanding of the differences between software development for PC in comparison to hand held devices. The course focuses on development on Android OS.


The course contains both theoretical and practical parts.
Areas discussed in the course:

  • overview of the Android platform
  • IDE for Android development
  • design for handheld devices
  • structure of Android applications
  • user interfaces
  • design principles
  • sensors, camera and databases
  • sound effects and media files

The course also contains training of general programming skills such as:
  • problem solving strategies
  • structured implementation
  • object-oriented programming

Learning outcomes

Knowledge and understanding
On completion of the course, the student shall:

  • be able to understand and describe the structure and distinctive feature of the Android platform
  • show understanding of how mobile phone development (and more specific Android development) differs from software development for PC

Skills and abilities
On completion of the course, the student shall be able to:
  • design and implement user interfaces based on the design guidelines for Android applications
  • implement well-structured Android applications
  • use of camera, web services and databases in Android applications
  • use different types of media in Android applications
  • evaluate different ways to design Android applications

Learning activities

Workshops/lectures approximately 15 hours, supervised assignment and project work approximately 20 hours as well as individual studies approximately 165 hours.


Requirements for pass: Passed on all examination tasks (4 credits) and passed project (3,5 credits).

Requirements for pass with distinction: Pass with distinction on examination tasks and passed on project.

Grading system

Fail (U), Pass (G) or Pass with Distinction (VG).

Course literature and other teaching materials

  • Phillips, Bill & Hardy, Brian (2013). Android programming: The big nerd ranch guide, Big Nerd Ranch Inc. ISBN-10: 0321804333

Recommended litterature:
  • Rogers, Richard A., (2011). Learning Android Game Programming, Addison-Wesley Educational Publishers Inc. ISBN-10: 0321769627

Course evaluation

All students are given the opportunity to give their comments at the end of the course in writing. A compilation of the results will be available on the faculty computer net. Student participation is in the form of course meetings.

Course reports


The education is provided by the Faculty of Technology and Society at the Department of Computer Science and Media Technology.

Further information

Lars Holmberg, Course Coordinator
Phone: 040-6657546
Josefin Waldenström, Student Administrator
Phone: 040-6658102


29 March 2021 - 06 June 2021 Day-time 50% Malmö Application code: mau-18066

National application round

Tuition fees

for non-EU students only

First instalment: 16000 SEK
Full tuition Fee: 16000 SEK

Open for late application